The Empire Sandy In World War II

The Empire Sandy was laid down* in the shipyard of Clelands (Successors), Willington Quay-on-Tyne England on Dec 22, 1942. She was built as an Englishman/Larch class Deep Sea Tug with the added provision for mounting two Hotchkiss Anti-Aircraft guns. She was completed and went into service on July 14, 1943. Her first voyage commenced July30th sailing in convoy to Iceland. Voyages were usually done in convoys for protection against the German U-Boats. The Empire Sandy sailed in a total of sixteen convoys to her destinations, the exception being the voyage to Sierra Leone in Dec 1944 where she traveled 'Independently' **

She served in the North Atlantic from Iceland to Sierra Leone, the Mediterranean Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.

The World War II Empire Sandy's
Official Log-Books

These Log-Books were standard in the British Merchant Navy at the time of WWII. They are a legal agreement between the ship-owners and their crew for that particular voyage. When that voyage is finished, the crew is paid off, wages settled etc. They may have the option of signing on for another voyage, providing their conduct was satisfactory and the ship is to leave on another voyage. This document lays out the responsibilities of the ship-owners to their crews; accommodation, food, discipline expected and penalties for transgressions etc. It records the name, address and next of kin as well as things that effect the crew, such as injury, desertion, arrest, and their rating after the voyage is over. Each crew member must sign this document, signifying their acceptance of the contract. Other notations by the Officers are navigation or administrative, such as leaving or arriving in port, draft of the ship, grounding, collisions etc.

The Empire Sandy had six 'voyages' during WW11 and all six 'Official Log-Books' covering them are recorded here. The maiden voyage was to Iceland, July 30, 1943 until Sept 14, 1943 and are covered, in detail, by JPEG 'Official Log-Books 001 - 018'. Voyages two thru six do not have the detailed administrative information as they are the same in each voyage. They are covered in TNA-25-5-05 033 to TNA-25-5-05 125. Click the links below to view the log books.

The cover-page of each Official Log-Book for each voyage is:

Voyage 1) Official Log-Book 001 - To Iceland
Voyage 2) TNA-25-5-05 033 - To Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Voyage 3) TNA-25-5-05 068 - To France, Cherbourg, Arrowmanches
Voyage 4) TNA-25-5-05 080 - To Sierra Leone, Mediterranean
Voyage 5) TNA-25-5-05 098 - Local UK
Voyage 6) TNA-25-5-05 116 - Local UK


'Beatty Shore Leave Pass' is of the Chief Engineer, John Beatty. John is the last crew of the Empire Sandy that is known. He lives in Perth Australia (2008)


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* Some documents give this date as her 'launching' See 'Empire Tugs' by W. J. Harvey and K. Turrell
** see


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